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Tile Coasters and Other Crafts

Aren’t these just AWESOME? Okay, maybe I’m just a little bit partial…I mean, I did make them 🙂 


Thanks to good ol’ Pinterest, I managed to make something I’m not really keen on the idea of actually letting go.


This, folks, was made by using 4″ by 4″ ceramic tiles, some scrapbook paper, modge podge, and some polycrylic.


I actually made a whole SLEW of things with tile I picked up from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. But the coasters above are my favorite. 


See, I set out with the goal of making something I saw on Pinterest as a task set forth by a friend, who decided to have a “Pinterest Party.” If you have not had one of these with your friends, you NEED to do it. I think it helps some of us along who would just pin things all day instead of actually, ya know, DO the crafts 😉

Oh. Yeah, the pic quality kinda stinks. Had to use my cell phone for pics since the batteries in my camera are officially dead. Sadness.

So, what are all those other pieces? Well, let’s take a looksee shall we?

Here we have the other set of coasters I made to take to the party since I couldn’t let my first set go…

And then we have some wall plaques! I figured the father and mother themes would be good to pass along as gifts 🙂 I just have to figure out some way to mount a hanging bracket of some kind to the back, to make them functional.


And then, an extra experimental idea – the trivets. I’m still working on putting more coats of polycrylic to these and also need to decide on a “backing” like felt or cork perhaps, so the tiles won’t destroy the tables/counters they may be used on. I can’t wait to see them SHINE!

I still can’t get enough of the design and flow on my first set of coasters…I really can’t…

See the design and how they match up???

Yeah…I’m just that smitten…

So, whatcha think?

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The Garden Apartment

So, this post isn’t about “underdogs” or any “underdog-related” topic…but…well…it’s FASCINATING!

Along with “OMG!” and “Are you freaking kidding me??” and maybe some more of, “Oh no way is that possible!”

I’m here to tell you that it is VERY possible. Grass CAN grow inside an apartment. See?

Isn’t that something? I mean, I know your first thoughts are something along the lines of “Oh that is just NASTY!” Well…I suppose it is. I was a brave, brave soul when I ventured inside this apartment to get these pictures, but can you totally blame me?? When have you EVER seen grass growing INSIDE an apartment? I HAD to get pictures..

So, I bet you’re wondering just how this kind of thing happens at all! Well, there really is a story to it.

See, the people who used to reside in this apartment had lived there for a VERY long time. The property was also older and suffered from sewage back-ups. I know, that’s pretty sexy to think about…but anyway. They eventually moved out and the apartment was in horrible shape. It wasn’t on the priority list of the company’s to fix because it needed so much work.

Well, one month, the pest control guy comes and says he can’t get into the apartment. We figure that he just couldn’t figure out how to unlock the door since some of them do get tricky to open after a while. The next month however, we got the same report. Finally, my coworker walks over to check it out. The door unlocks, but it will NOT open. What in the world!?

Well, after peering in through the windows and discovering a bit of Jurassic Park going on, it was determined that the water heater went out. It was a downstairs unit and vacant, so there wasn’t anyone to let us know about a leak. And the unit had a few cracked window panes. So, we have warmth and moisture from the water heater. Old, worn out carpets previously subjected to sewage back-ups, and an open path to the outside where seeds could blow in and germinate in peace.

I can’t lie. I wish I could have had this kind of grass in my yard!

There you have it my lovelies. One of my most interesting property management stories…I still come across these photos every now and again and can’t help but giggle. Once in a lifetime find and just something that always makes for a good story 🙂

So, creeped out? Fascinated? Interested in other random stories? I may oblige 🙂


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So many words, so little time it feels like!

I have to admit, I’ve put some pressure on myself with this blog. I want to make the words that fall into place here *matter.* And in that drive for perfection, I have a small tendency to hold back from starting until I feel more confident I can produce something that I think matters.

So, this post here is to acknowledge to myself that not everything needs to be perfect immediately, or even the first and second time around. This is a space for my ideas and activities. A space to share with the world some of the things I think, feel, and do. And I can’t forget that my ability to be direct and candid is admired by quite a few and THAT is what my friends would expect of me. Be true to me. Do what matters to me. The words will fall into place once I remember to keep that one point in mind.

With all that being said:

Just a little something I wrote back in high school, January 25, 2001.

We, as humans, wake up each morning with a desire for acceptance and, more importantly, love. We strive to find it and keep it. We exist to feel it. We exist to feel love. Why is it then, that we go against this instinct, and hate? Why do we hate in order to find love and acceptance?

If we fill our hearts with hatred towards even the most minute of things, there is that much less room we have to keep the love we find. Hating things will not make us look any better to anyone else. If we succumb to hate, we become weak. We become worthless creatures who are hardly deserving of pity, much less love. If we hate, it will only bring us ignorance and rejection. What sense could one make of hating something or someone to find approval? It may bring us a temporary satisfaction but it isn’t real. It isn’t enough. and it only makes us feel worse in the long run as we witness the pain we’ve caused and the scorn in their eyes when they see us.

It must stop. And it starts with us. It starts with a look into our own hearts to see just how much space we’ve given to hate. It starts with our personal initiative to throw away old hate within ourselves. If we accept one person and look past their hatred and see them for who they truly can be, then we’ve possibly opened the doorway for another soul who would never have touched the right knob had we not shown them a positive direction. By doing this, we’ve also opened the right door for ourselves. We’re one room closer to total love and acceptance.

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