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Resurrected Poems

I’ve been ridiculously distracted from my blog as of late because of wonderful things happening in my personal life. I’m being spoiled rotten with affection by a man many thought did not exist! A childfree atheist, capable of intelligent conversation and the ability to make me laugh and smile who loves dogs and who has completely won me over. An amazing feat really considering I was perfectly fine remaining single ๐Ÿ™‚

But anywho, enough of that! For now anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was reminded of poetry last night and since I’ve been in a bit of a blog slump here, I figured I’d share a couple of my other favorite poems that I wrote way back in the day when my brain was more adept at putting things together.


Your love rushes down me
Like a waterfall
Rippling over my curves
Leaving nothing dry.

ย Puzzle Pieces
ย 11/11/2000

This puzzle only
Has two pieces.
Yet it’s not for children.
Only adults can play.
And two, not one,
Are required
To piece it together.
This puzzle has no box
And isn’t found
In any store.
Everywhere you go
You see potential
Puzzle pieces.
Yet only one
Will truly fit
The piece you hold.
One may go on for years
Testing out their puzzle pieces
While others find it
The very first time.
Your minds will connect,
Your eyes will lock,
Your lips will seal,
Your hearts at the same
Beat will pound
Your hands will mesh,
You’ll lean into him;
She’ll lean into you
And your bodies will
Meld right into the other’s
But most importantly
You will notice
The way he fits
Inside of you;
How perfectly you fit
Inside of her,
Completing the ultimate
Put-together puzzle.
One of Passion,
One of Sex,
One of Love,
One that never breaks
Once the connection is made.


Intertwined are our hearts
Always beating as one;
Joined at the soul
Never to be undone.

Yeah, I was a sucker for talking about love. I had some other darker poems, but I’ll save those for another day. Perhaps I can find some inspiration here and draft something new. The closest I’ve come to feeling the way I do right now was MANY MANY years ago…and I don’t think it was even this awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

So, to another day my friends!


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Lizard Love

The population of Anole Lizards around my home is huge. And I LOVE it. They’ve provided some fantastic photo opportunities for me, and they’re just plain fun to take pictures of!

For instance, I’ve been witness to their combat…

I’ve caught their shadows through Canna Lily leaves…

Makin’ some lizard loooooooooooove…

And then this morning, while watering my plants, a lizard, incognito ๐Ÿ™‚

Which is your favorite?

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Home Ownership is a Funny Thing

I really hated plants and flowers and all that stuff before I bought my house. All they did were attract flying insects which I felt were out to get me and make my life reasonably miserable by looking like a complete ass while I run from something so small.

But then…

I bought this…

I really didn’t need a lot. Just a simple place to rest my head and keep my dogs. And actually, that was the GOOD picture of the house, from the online listing.

When I went to go view the house for the first time in December of 2009, it looked like this…

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Complimentary Super Moon Pics

My Canon S2 IS has been a faithful companion to me since December of 2006. It’s been my best friend for capturing moments and is still plugging along faithfully after so many years of abuse and THOUSANDS of pictures later.

Last night’s Super Moon wasn’t as impressive as I expected, but it made for a nice attempt at a reminder of what this wonderful camera is made of. A few friends seem to really have enjoyed the pics, so I thought I’d share them here ๐Ÿ™‚

Working its way by the tree line…

And in the end, the clouds swallowed it up…

I’m sold on Canon products and once old faithful reaches the end of its tenure, I’ll be replacing it with another. I’m in no hurry for that at the moment.

Did you snag any pics of the Super Moon? The rest of the pics I took can be seen here on my Facebook Page ๐Ÿ™‚

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No, No, I’m Not Confused

Ahhh, something I didn’t see coming. I’m intelligent and “worldly” and a polite debater. I ask questions and I typically speak sense, especially on views that are “unpopular.”

Because of this, I, apparently, am just confused about my atheism. I can’t possibly be intelligent and have given the God-belief any real consideration.

I really hate to burst this bubble for some of you fine folks, but it’s that intelligence of mine that has brought me to where I’m at today. It’s that intelligence of mine that has prompted me to ask questions. To ask HARD questions. Because, the thinker in me wants to know. Because my sponge-like brain is ready for more possible answers to the why’s and how’s on the things that people do and believe.

Some think I’m too logical. And that’s okay. I’m rather at peace with how I am. I’m fully capable of being emotional, but I just don’t let my emotions lead my life. I acknowledge them and what they mean to me regarding whatever situation I may be in and move forward from there.

People remark to me that I’m one of THE strongest people they know. They admire that. I really tend to think that I’m just doing what’s necessary to keep moving forward in my life, but I’ve also been known to be a bit self-deprecating. Either way, people tend to value my opinion. That’s my general understanding of it when those people come to me to vent or to get advice about something. Shouldn’t this suggest that most see me as giving time and consideration to different aspects of things? That I think about and evaluate things on a reasonable level? That people believe my opinion is generally thought out?

I find it frustrating that people think that for some reason, I just haven’t given full consideration to my beliefs in a deity. Why would I skip over something as “important” as that?

Let’s break a few things down here.ย ย I don’t believe in killing. I don’t believe in stealing. I believe in treating people with compassion and kind words. I believe in helping others. I believe in monogamous relationships. Aren’t these things part of the core “morals” or “values” instilled by religion? And haven’t I covered how I wasn’t indoctrinated into a religion growing up?

Please, let’s face the facts here that I am good without God. And that the only “purpose” for believing in a God is the aspect of eternal salvation, which I also don’t believe in. I don’t believe in a Heaven or a Hell. And really, my lack of belief should not harm anyone else because if Heaven is as perfect as it sounds, you won’t even know I’m not there when you get there. So, concern for my “salvation” should be left to me, not anyone else.

Religion is about recruitment in a way. One of the basic requirements for salvation is the absolute belief in God AND spreading the word of God. I’m sure that’s why so many feel the need to continuously push their beliefs and religious doctrines on others. And trust me, I do understand that for most people, it is meant with positive intentions.

But when you approach someone like me who isn’t wandering around completely lost in life; who, despite the bad things is still maintaining composure and forward momentum…when you approach me and make the strong suggestion that you know better what is going on in my own head than *I* do…well certainly I’m going to take issue with that.

So, I’m not like other atheists you’ve met. Good. Because there are MANY more like me. Perhaps most just don’t choose to publicly speak about it like I’ve chosen to do here in this blog, as well as on my Facebook page and Twitter.

In one of my previous “godless” posts, “Pit Bulls and Atheists“, I wrote:

Just as I surprised people with the information that I do in fact own pit bulls, I seem to continue to surprise people when they learn I donโ€™t believe in any gods. Because Iโ€™m good. And it shakes their perception of what kind of person they think an atheist is, much as for many it shakes their perception of the type of people that do own pit bulls.

Just because I’m not like the atheists you’ve met in the past, doesn’t mean I’m any less of one. Sure, there are some opinionated assholes out there speaking their mind and belittling people in the process of arguing belief vs. nonbelief. I’ve seen them hard at work on the internet myself. But more often than not, fellow atheists/humanists/freethinkers/agnostics/etc. are just normal, everyday people who suffer from being THE least trusted minority in America. Seriously. We’re still people for crying out loud. We still have emotions and daily lives and families and responsibilities and are still working fervently to create a niche in this world of ours.

How are people like me, harming others? How does my lack of belief in a deity affect you? Why does it affect you? Your belief in a deity doesn’t affect me. Well, unless of course you’re physically or mentally harming others. Or if you’re making unjust accusations about people. Why is it a problem? Why do you insist that I can’t think for myself and form my own opinions if I’m so intelligent?

Like it is for many, there’s more to me than meets the eye. Remember that before taking the step out there to assume someone “needs” something. Find out first.

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