Home Ownership is a Funny Thing

08 May

I really hated plants and flowers and all that stuff before I bought my house. All they did were attract flying insects which I felt were out to get me and make my life reasonably miserable by looking like a complete ass while I run from something so small.

But then…

I bought this…

I really didn’t need a lot. Just a simple place to rest my head and keep my dogs. And actually, that was the GOOD picture of the house, from the online listing.

When I went to go view the house for the first time in December of 2009, it looked like this…

I know!!! What in the HELL was I thinking????

Oh. Yeah. That I needed a place to live. And really, they cleaned up the yard significantly before I moved in March of 2010. But this pic here is just necessary to really demonstrate the kind of distress the yard was in before. The bushes no one cared about…ugh.

Eventually, I decided those bushes had to go. And that I’d find some nice foliage plants to put in the beds. Something that would stay short but still be attractive to look at. I had some help in cutting the bushes down to stumps (4 on either side of the door) and decided it was time to tackle the beds…

It really pissed me off when I finally got the roots out and started tearing out the rocks and brick edging. You can BARELY see it in the bed at the front of the photo above, but it’s there…damn near buried.

Well, it eventually came to this:

Nevermind that grassy weedy mess in the other bed to the back…I live alone and my projects tend to take a little longer than they should 😉

Well. I still don’t have anything planted in those beds. I need to backfill them with a LOT more dirt and lay down some newspaper for a weed barrier. In the mean time, since I can’t do that yet (I hate you money!), I’ve been working on creating other beds with the remaining supplies I had from when I did actually have a little bit of cash. But, we’ll get to those in another post.

For now, a demonstration of what the front of the house looks like:


So. Much. Cleaner. And it’s extra snazzy with the privacy fence up too 🙂 Now, another bed is being created off to the right, away from the driveway, and then I’m doing one more. That one will basically run from the sidewalk to the street in that area in front of the house on the left of the photo.

It’s a slow process for me, but one that I like. I’ve been here two years now and am slowly but surely putting in place the things that will spruce things up a bit, make it mine, and best of all – GET RID OF AS MUCH GRASS AS POSSIBLE. Yes. I. HATE. Grass. Hate it.

More on that for another day though 🙂

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