Astrology and Me

05 Sep

One thing I still struggle with as an atheist is astrology. Astrology is still one of those “unproven” things and most atheists throw it in the same bin as psychics and divination and other similar “new age” practices. I don’t believe in psychics. I don’t believe in divination methods like tarot card reading, palm reading, reading tea leaves, or any other hosts of “telling the future.”

I don’t think astrology can “tell the future” either. And furthermore, I don’t believe in horoscopes. But, I still can’t help but recognize specific traits of people born under the different zodiac signs. Admittedly, I did grow up in a household that allowed the research and mysticism of many new age things, astrology being a large one. I remember reading many different books about the zodiac signs and what signs were more compatible with others. I read the horoscopes too for the hell of it and tried to pretend sometimes that they had bearing on my life. I’ve since easily walked away from that since it’s so easy to take someone else’s words and give your own interpretation to them and how they may apply to your situation. I easily recognized the bullshit there.

But…the compatibility of zodiac signs…that’s harder for me to shake. Especially now considering my new relationship status with an unbelievable man. He and I are both Pisces. We’re incredibly similar in personalities and views on life, even though we’re four years apart. I have never felt so comfortable and connected to someone in my whole life! Of my more serious relationships, I’ve been with an Aries on a Pisces cusp, a Gemini, a Libra, and an Aquarius. None of these signs had “true compatibility” with Pisces and likewise, none of them lasted. And the only one to come remotely close to meeting my relationship needs was the one on a Pisces cusp. I’m sure all that is neither here nor there to someone who doesn’t subscribe to the “ideology” or who doesn’t understand the basic compatibility of the star signs. And that’s okay. You can remain lost because you’re likely rolling your eyes at this post anyway 😉

I still have questions though. Could astrological signs be attributed to personality types instead? Does the time of year one is born help produce a typical set of traits for that person? Maybe there are biological and evolutionary explanations for these things? Or are my experiences just coincidental flukes? Am I still latching on to deeper “meanings” that aren’t there?

It’s something still worth pondering in my opinion. The connection he and I share is deep and unbelievably thorough. And when I reflect back on the previous relationships that have failed and how I thought I cared for them, and the things I overlooked or put up with…it’s a night and day difference from where I’m at now with Scott. The communication, the intensity, the honesty, the ability to trust, the compassion, the true desire to BE there for one another, the want to make things work, to make things better for each other, the support, the commitment…what we have is the kind of love that much of the world longs for; and I couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s happened to me.

So, what about you? What are your thoughts and opinions on astrology?


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2 responses to “Astrology and Me

  1. Jonas K. Lewis

    September 6, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    In the past, I had wanted to believe in astrology – but I’m a scorpio, which makes it more appealing. I am moody, which fits perfectly. But I am also stubborn like a Taurus, and responsible like a Capricorn, and witty like an Aquarius. I can find bits of my personality in any of the signs, but that’s the way they’re written up… to describe general human emotions that most people can identify with. In my past experiences, I always found one sign lacking in a very distinct trait; Virgo will always vehemently deny astrology, similar to Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs – “Why do I gotta be Mr. Pink??”

    • Alicia

      September 6, 2012 at 10:15 pm

      The “funny” part about being Pisces is that they always speak of people of that sign having a mashing together of all the other signs. And that’s reasonable I suppose. I’ve always wondered too in the back of my head if all these traits are just easily said about everyone. I don’t dispute that as a possibility either. Then another part of me steps into play when I think about all those who I’ve had a hard time getting along with in general, and they’ve almost always been “incompatible” signs for me like Leo and Sagittarius. And then another deviation I’ve noticed with me is that I can get along quite well with Cancer, which is another “compatible” sign, but as far as potential lover material…they are SO not my cup of tea.

      Anywho, just more randoms to add to the post I suppose lol. And I’m sorry, I’m not a TV/movie watcher at all (haven’t had one for the last 2.5 years actually) so I’m completely missing out on the joke you’re making re: Mr. Pink. Sorry! I sincerely appreciate the feedback though!


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