Defining Love

06 Sep

This was originally written on February 27, 2012. Worthwhile I think 🙂


A friend asked me the following questions in one of our conversations and it actually surprised us both that I didn’t really have an answer. I have a need to know as much as I can about things but this is one I’ve left strictly as an emotion. Is it fair to try to define “love” with these parameters? Worth a look I suppose.

What does it mean to you? Well…first and foremost it’s an emotion and a precious one at that. With regard to personal relationships, it’s exclusive. It’s a strong emotion and one that deserves the utmost respect and consideration. It isn’t something that applies one day and is negated the next.

Does it have rules? What rules should it have other than to be completely honest? Love shouldn’t hurt the soul. Love enriches life. Love enriches the bond between two people. Anything that threatens that bond or that does not nourish the feeling…how can that be love?

Exclusions? Boundaries? Real love, positive love – no exclusions, no boundaries. Love is complete in its truest existence. Love needs the flexibility to traverse different areas of life. Love is supportive.

When is it most important? When isn’t love important? Much of our basis for existing is love and acceptance. So, it is important in every single day of our lives, both in sadness and in triumph.

When is it the strongest? When you show it and feel it. Acts of love and intimacy. Closeness.

Weakest? When it is rewarded with lies, distrust, lack of respect, harsh words, and hateful actions.

How do you feel when it hits you? I feel scared and elated, both at the same time. It’s almost a status change and that…well it does something to you!

How do you love someone? …I don’t know how to answer this…

Ultimately, I feel like each and every one of my answers …are so….lacking.

My logical side has met its emotional match – Love. You win. I can’t define you. I can’t put you into a little box and make you make sense. I just know that I am able to feel you. And when I do, you make me feel awesome. And when I feel you, I want to make the person you connect me with feel just as awesome. You make me feel capable of anything with that person. You make me search for ways to make them smile, to enrich their life, to support them and help them grow because I care about them and their well-being more than myself. You don’t deserve to be plopped into a box for scrutiny and comparison. You are a fluid, free-flowing emotion intent on happiness, enrichment, nourishment, and encouragement. And who am I to get in your way?

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