DIY Wedding Invites and Mad Lib RSVPs

03 Feb

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, I’m a DIY-er. I like doing things myself to save on costs and to make sure that what I do has a custom element more personal to me. That and it just feels damn good to make something yourself and see the finished product!

So. Since it’s been since NOVEMBER since I last posted a blog…I feel it’s only fair to try to show a little snippet of what has been keeping me busy 😉

You guys have seen these invites right?

I REALLY liked this style. I love the story-telling aspect of it and the different fonts used to create interest.

We’re on a VERY tight budget. Scott is back to work now after about 4 months of being unemployed so whatever money we could have saved…well, we couldn’t save. So for this reason, we decided we would just do black text. It wouldn’t take much to add color though and make it more like the style above. However, I think ours works…

Love Story Invite

I just find the whole thing to be full of fun and interest! But. I could just be easily pleased 😉 was a great resource for a lot of these fonts. Even the “images” were Wingding style fonts!

I also took advantage of the white space on the back of the cards and took the time to offer directions to the location and give a few other key reminders. It also helped me correct my snafu of not sharing the blog password for the protected posts on the front! In the end, that mistake worked out better since it would have made the invite look more cluttered.

Once I decided what “style” I wanted for the invites, they were pretty simple and straightforward to accomplish. The RSVPs on the other hand…not so much. I’d seen the Mad Lib style RSVPs but no one set of words made me happy. So, I found a bunch via sources like Pinterest and took what I liked from them and created our own.

Mad Lib RSVP

What do you think?

I think one of the biggest things that helped really make this one our own is that it mentions the vows, instead of the walk down the aisle. If you read the invite, we won’t have an aisle! So, it would be a little off.

These. Were. A huge pain in the ass. It’s basically the background image with a text box placed over it. In that text box, you have to make sure that not only is your text correct, but that at the end of a line, you reduce the font size, press enter, align the “(adjective)” under where your line will be, and then change the font size again for the next line of actual text. And then there is going back and adding the lines. And then, if you do this as I did on the 4 to a page postcard paper by Avery, you have to add the background image to each “card” and then group the text box and lines together so you can then copy and paste and move them over the images in each card area.

It took hours…

Ultimately, I just hope that our guests return them whether they are coming or not. That’s what I loved so much about the idea for the Mad Lib responses because they have the potential to be hilarious! We’re adding an extra envelope to what we mail out. That envelope is pre-addressed and stamped. All our invitees must do is fill out the card, put it in the envelope, and throw it in the mailbox. Do you think it’ll work?

I think I’ve read way too many RSVP horror stories. I know. I’m over-thinking things. At least I’m avoiding Bridezilla mode so I’m considering that a step in the right direction.

Anywho, it’s off to go pick up another box of envelopes so I can finish packing these bad boys and send them off 🙂

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