The definition of “underdog” is: 1) A person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict and 2) A victim of social or political injustice.

~I am a woman of independence who seeks out ways to overcome problems and accomplish tasks without outside help.
~I am a pit bull owner.
~I am childfree – by choice.
~I am pro-choice and in support of gay rights.
~I am a Secular Humanist who believes in being good without God.

By simple virtue of these five facts, I am the definition of “underdog.” I am the person that will get passed over by those who hold tight to more conventional beliefs. I am the person who is questioned relentlessly regarding my decision not to have children, as if I have no soul or compassion. I am the person who is judged simply based on the breed of dog I choose to love because of the misinformed notion that an entire breed is bad.

Despite the discrimination, the prejudice, the stereotypes, the adversity, and the battles to help others understand, I continue to stand tall through it all. I have a voice…and I’m not afraid to speak my words if somewhere along the way, they make a difference.

What you should expect from this blog

I’m going to write opinion pieces about “underdog” topics such as: abortion, pit bull ownership, being childfree by choice, and maybe even a bit about being godless.

I’m likely going to bother you with some of my craft projects. Creating is fun!

I may even bother you with some personal motivation pieces.

Oh oh oh! And my yard/garden/landscaping ideas as well!



I am the girl next door; the friendly, helpful, loyal, and reliably dedicated thinker.



3 responses to “About

  1. Suzanne

    April 5, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Good question. No effin clue…

    • Sue

      August 15, 2012 at 10:05 am

      they even saw him and the information he splopseduy imparted was all of the simple and useless variety rather than difficult and useful which a real god would say.Telling people what to wear and what to eat is simple and useless and any playwrite could come up with that.Curing cancer and giving us a unified field theory is something god could do but somehow he never got around to that.Of course we could ask why does’nt he come down at the half time at the super bowl so we can all have look at him and not just appear to people in the middle of nowhere.The same can be said for flying saucers why do they just go after hillbillies? What is wrong with the rest of us?How about the fixation some religions have for taking a knife to children’s genitals.You just have to know something has gone wrong thereNo doubt between all of us we can compile a list of contradictions and outright nonsense uttered by those who say they have talked to god and maybe someone will read it and say you know those people are right


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