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The Garden Apartment

So, this post isn’t about “underdogs” or any “underdog-related” topic…but…well…it’s FASCINATING!

Along with “OMG!” and “Are you freaking kidding me??” and maybe some more of, “Oh no way is that possible!”

I’m here to tell you that it is VERY possible. Grass CAN grow inside an apartment. See?

Isn’t that something? I mean, I know your first thoughts are something along the lines of “Oh that is just NASTY!” Well…I suppose it is. I was a brave, brave soul when I ventured inside this apartment to get these pictures, but can you totally blame me?? When have you EVER seen grass growing INSIDE an apartment? I HAD to get pictures..

So, I bet you’re wondering just how this kind of thing happens at all! Well, there really is a story to it.

See, the people who used to reside in this apartment had lived there for a VERY long time. The property was also older and suffered from sewage back-ups. I know, that’s pretty sexy to think about…but anyway. They eventually moved out and the apartment was in horrible shape. It wasn’t on the priority list of the company’s to fix because it needed so much work.

Well, one month, the pest control guy comes and says he can’t get into the apartment. We figure that he just couldn’t figure out how to unlock the door since some of them do get tricky to open after a while. The next month however, we got the same report. Finally, my coworker walks over to check it out. The door unlocks, but it will NOT open. What in the world!?

Well, after peering in through the windows and discovering a bit of Jurassic Park going on, it was determined that the water heater went out. It was a downstairs unit and vacant, so there wasn’t anyone to let us know about a leak. And the unit had a few cracked window panes. So, we have warmth and moisture from the water heater. Old, worn out carpets previously subjected to sewage back-ups, and an open path to the outside where seeds could blow in and germinate in peace.

I can’t lie. I wish I could have had this kind of grass in my yard!

There you have it my lovelies. One of my most interesting property management stories…I still come across these photos every now and again and can’t help but giggle. Once in a lifetime find and just something that always makes for a good story 🙂

So, creeped out? Fascinated? Interested in other random stories? I may oblige 🙂


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